Why Students Should Retake the ACT

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Why Students Should Retake the ACT

Retaking SAT or ACT

We all know that nobody enjoys taking the ACT. This nail-biting, stressful standardized test can even make high-achieving students want to rip out their hair. Who can blame them? After all, students have a lot riding on their scores. But sometimes students fail to perform to the best of their abilities on the first attempt. If students feel unsatisfied with their results, they should definitely retake the ACT because there’s a good chance that they will score better on the next attempt. Here are some reasons why students should always take the ACT more than once.

Practice Makes Perfect

A student’s poor performance on the ACT can result from a variety of factors. But most students tend to underperform because he or she decided to wing it. With the ACT, however, students cannot earn a top score without putting in hard work to prepare for the important exam.

But since they’ve already experienced the ACT firsthand, students can better prepare for round two because they have a better understanding of the test’s content and format. If students really want to see their scores jump, they should consider taking advantage of a private ACT tutor in the nearby area. A private ACT tutor will examine a student’s score and work in tandem with the student to identify which sections need extra focus. If a student’s English and Reading scores were significantly lower than the Math and Science sections, a tutor’s help can be the missing factor for success in all categories.

Beat The ACT Jitters

Test jitters affect almost every student at some point. When it feels like a lot is riding on the results, nervousness can set in and actually hurt a student’s performance. With the ACT looming around every corner, more students may fall victim to testing anxiety, especially if it’s their first attempt. Instead of going into the test blindly, learn about the test. Once students take the test the first time, they’ll know what to expect. If your student still feels apprehensive about the ACT, consider learning testing strategies from an ACT tutor.  Who better to teach a student how to remain calm than someone who knows the ins and outs of the test?

Become a Seasoned Test-Taker

After students take the ACT once, they’ll have a better understanding of the time constraints and how to answer questions at an appropriate pace. Students can better develop this knowledge with help from a quality ACT tutor. ACT tutors offer completely customized ACT curricula that will help students to master effective strategies for a variety of exam questions while simultaneously preparing them for real-life test conditions.

Unlock Scholarship Opportunities

College tuition rates continue to rise, and financing is hard to come by. But a higher ACT score opens the doors for more scholarship opportunities and better financial aid packages. Save your high school student from expensive student loans by encouraging him or her to retake the ACT for a higher score.

ACT Superscores

Most colleges allow students to choose the scores they submit, which means students can select their best test date. This proves particularly helpful for students on a waiting list in need of a score boost to move them onto the accepted list.

But retaking the ACT multiple times can sometimes hurt a student. Some schools like Yale, for example, require applicants to send scores from each test date and evaluate the trends in performance. Remember, each university has its own unique testing policies.

On the other hand, some colleges “superscore” students’ ACT score, which means they take the best score students achieved on each section, and average them to create a new composite score. For students applying to a college with a “superscore” policy, retaking the ACT can bring up any weak sections that drag the composite down, and prevent students from college acceptance.

Did your child underperform on the ACT? No problem! Contact an ACT tutor near you to help unlock your student’s full potential and perform better when they retake the ACT next.