Why You Should Start Prepping for AP Exams Now

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November 19, 2018
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Why You Should Start Prepping for AP Exams Now

AP Exam Prep

Many students consider taking Advanced Placement (AP) Exams. AP classes are a great opportunity to challenge high school students and introduce them to college-level course material. High schools offer a wide variety of AP classes that will not only prepare students for college but also help them stand out during the admissions process. If students score well on their AP Exams at the end of the year, they can earn college credit and placement. Since these exams offer students such great opportunities before and during college, they often wonder when they should start preparing. The answer- now!

It’s Never Too Early to Begin AP Test Prep

It’s never too soon to start preparing for an important standardized test. The AP exam compiles important information and concepts on the subject, so the more familiar a student is with a topic overall, the better. Students should start thinking about what AP classes they want to take in advance so that they may begin preparing early. Once students know they want to take an AP class, they should start knowing the expectations for the class and exam.

Asking teachers and students who have previously taken AP exams for their tips is a great place to start. Students should also become familiar with the test format. This means knowing the directions, language of the questions, and time allotted for test sections. Being more familiar with the exam format will help students feel more comfortable and prepared when test day comes. At the start of the school year, students should take their AP class very seriously. This means doing their best on all homework, class assignments, and tests. The concepts from these in-class assignments expose students to the information that will appear on the exam.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Students should consider taking practice exams to identify areas they need to focus more on during study sessions. Practice exams can also help students feel more familiar with the structure of the exam and know what to expect. Another great way to practice is to utilize resources such as course material study groups, and tutors.

Students should ask their AP teachers any and all questions. It might be helpful to form a study group so that peers can work together through problems and feel a sense of unity. Tutors are also a great resource because they are experts on the subject. They know plenty of test tips and have experience with preparing for these types of exams. Whatever resources students decide to utilize, the most important thing is that they start early. The sooner, the better! Cramming right before the AP exam is not effective studying and causes students’ stress levels to skyrocket.

By beginning AP test prep early, students will be ready to tackle the material that appears on the AP exam and know the test structure. By knowing what to expect and practicing early, students will score higher on their AP exams and earn college credits!