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November 27, 2018
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December 5, 2018
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Tips For Taking SAT Subject Tests


As colleges across the country become more and more competitive, gaining acceptance into your dream school becomes harder. Students must find ways to make their applications stand out and show off their academic strengths. One of the best ways to do this is to excel on the SAT Subject Tests. The SAT Subject Tests are one-hour-long standardized exams that focus on one specific subject. These exams give students an opportunity to showcase knowledge and skills in a subject they succeed in or are particularly interested in. They are intended to measure how much students have learned in high school and predict their potential in a specific area for the future. To make their applications stand out and rock the SAT Subject Tests, students should consider following these tips for taking these exams.

1.Choose Which Tests You’ll Take

If a student is interested in taking the SAT Subject Tests, the first step is to choose the right subject. The purpose of the exam is to showcase skills in a particular area, so students should carefully choose their best subject. Students can take more than one Subject Test as a variety of subject options are offered. This means that a student can take multiple exams if they feel confident in many subjects and wish to portray themselves as well-rounded students on their college applications.

Choosing the right subject is also important for students who have a major in mind they wish to declare. For example, a student planning to major in Mathematics should take the math exam, and those considering English Literature should take that respective test. This can show college admission counselors that the student has a particular interest in the subject. It can also show their skills on the topic since the SAT Subject Tests focuses on key concepts students should know.

2. Come Prepared On Test Day

Students who perform the best on SAT Subject Tests know what to expect. Students should review requirements and special instructions for the specific test they are taking and come ready with all necessary materials. It will help if students are familiar with the instructions before test day so that they do not run into any last minute confusion. Students should know the date and time of their exam and arrive early. The night before their exam, students should get a good night sleep and eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. Being prepared seems simple, but it can dramatically increase performance and lower stress levels.

It’s key that students understand how the tests are scored. Points are not earned or lost for unanswered questions and a fraction of a point is lost for incorrect answers. Students do not have to worry about having time to answer every single question since they can still receive a high score based on the amount answered correctly.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

The key to performing well on the exam is practice, practice, practice. Treat every homework assignment, class test, and essay as preparation for the SAT Subject Test. The exams compile important concepts and skills students should know, so it is necessary students are acquiring the information over time in their classes. Students should also take practice exams.

Practice exams are a great way to see the types of questions asked as well as see what types of material they are unfamiliar with. This will give students an idea of what they need to spend more time studying. Taking practice exams can also help students become familiar with the exam format. It is a relatively short exam, so students should be comfortable with the time allotted for each section. The SAT Subject Tests are a great opportunity for students to show off their passion and knowledge of a particular subject and increase their chances to get into their top colleges.