New Year’s Resolutions For Students

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December 27, 2018
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New Year’s Resolutions For Students


It’s almost time for the New Year- a time when we reflect back on all of the things we have done the year before. This leads us to think of the things we would like to work on, and they become our New Year’s Resolutions. There’s no better time to start making changes and working more towards your goals than in the new year. Every student has his or her own set of weaknesses, and making them a part of your New Year’s Resolutions can be motivating and effective. Consider some of our top New Year’s Resolutions For Students to help your grades and study habits thrive in 2019.

1. This Year I Won’t Procrastinate

It’s no secret that so many students struggle with procrastination. If this bad habit hasn’t caught up to you yet, it certainly will. Procrastination inhibits students from performing to their full potential, adds stress, and leads to lower test scores. It also creates poor habits for students when they enter college or the real world post-graduation.

This year, students should decide to be proactive and get ahead of their bad habit. They can do this by writing down their assignments and test dates in a planner when they first get them. This will keep students from forgetting about them and having to cram last minute. Another tip for procrastinators is to start a little bit of the work ahead of time. For example, if you have a project due Friday, put in a few hours each day during the week to reduce the workload all at once and allow yourself time to make changes as you go.

2. This Year I Will Challenge Myself

Not enough students are challenging themselves. One of the best resolutions students can have is to look for new ways to challenge themselves in school. There is a number of simple ways students can work towards this goal. Students can look into what Honors or Advanced Placement classes they might be interested in. Honors and Advanced Placement classes give students the chance to push themselves to grow and help them stand out on their college applications.

Students can also challenge themselves in school by getting a tutor or working in a peer study group. This provides the opportunity for students to learn from their peers and expert on the subject as well as working on their weaknesses. Another simple way to tackle this resolution is for students to push themselves. For example, perhaps a student is accustomed to getting Bs on math tests. This student should try to get a B+ on the next test and eventually try to get an A on math exams. Setting small, achievable goals that challenge students is a great way to start seeing progress and further motivate them to be better students.

3. This Year I Will Utilize My Resources

Students have so many resources at school that they often neglect to fully utilize. One of the biggest resources students can use more is their teachers. Students should make every effort to attend office hours, extra study sessions, and ask teachers for help when they need it. Not only will it improve student’s grades by studying more, but it will help students foster a relationship with their teachers. This is important for when it comes times for college recommendation letters to increase student’s chances of getting into their dream schools.

Students should also stop by their guidance counselors office and set up an advising appointment. Advisors can offer great tips on what courses to take and how to start preparing for college. Students can also receive information on how to set up college tour visits and begin the search process. The New Year is a time to make changes. It gives students a clean slate and opportunity to reflect, prepare, and grow.