Tips to Improve Your SAT Score While You’re Relaxing on Vacation

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July 8, 2019
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Tips to Improve Your SAT Score While You’re Relaxing on Vacation

Summer vacation SAT studying

Summer vacation has finally arrived, and we know you’re looking forward to relaxing on the beach, enjoying late nights with your friends, and soaking up all your free time. You worked hard, so you deserve it. Unfortunately, with the college admissions process looming on the horizon, you’ll probably have more on your mind than beach trips and bonfires this summer.

SAT sessions begin in August, so make sure you prepare for them to help get into the college of your dreams. Here are a few easy ways you can get ready for the SATs without having to sacrifice your well-earned relaxation time.

Hire An SAT Test Prep Tutor

This may seem like the least fun and most time-consuming practice, but if fully taken advantage of, can be the most helpful. SAT tutors specialize in this kind of work and know exactly what you should expect on the test. They help keep you focused, and inspire you to unlock your full potential. While it is definitely helpful to study on your own, having someone who knows the material adds a sense of pressure on yourself so you do the prep work and don’t get distracted. Hiring an SAT test prep tutor won’t ruin your summer plans. But dedicating a few weeks can help you improve your SAT scores tremendously without draining all your valuable free time.

Buy An SAT Prep Book

Test Prep tutors are great at keeping you focused, but you can maximize your test prep even further by buying SAT prep books to review on your own time. There are tons of SAT prep books out there with endless amounts of tips and advice for tackling the test. There will inevitably be a few lazy summer days where you have nothing to do. Instead of lying in bed as you twiddle your thumbs, brush up on essential SAT concepts.

There’s also no reason not to mix business with pleasure. Bring your SAT test prep book to the beach or pool with you and work on your tan while reviewing important concepts. The books are so convenient; so make sure you take full advantage.

Answer The “SAT Question Of The Day”

With some help from the Internet, you can take advantage of unlimited SAT test prep resources. Many SAT prep sites offer an SAT question of the day you can take a stab at answering. These daily doses of knowledge will allow you to gain a better feel for the SAT questions you will likely encounter on test day.

So head over to Google and type in “SAT question of the day” into the search bar. You’ll discover a handful of great sites whose sole purpose is to help you. Doing a question of the day shouldn’t be your only prep on vacation, your future is on the line here, but they can be a quick and easy way to give yourself a little boost. In the car, on the beach, or sitting in your bed, these little nuggets of prep can help you from anywhere.

Read Whenever You Can

SAT test prep books and questions of the day are great, but reading can help you reach new horizons. Reading helps build your vocabulary and allows you to process words and ideas quicker. This will become especially useful when you’re reading one of the many bulky passages on the test with time winding down. Reading is also simple and enjoyable, so make sure you have a book on hand during your summer travels.

Enjoy The Summer And Stay Prepared For The SAT

Summer is the time for you to relax, but do not forget what lies ahead. The SATs are important for your future, and it is crucial that you prepare for them well before you take them. Kick up your feet, set your seat up in the perfect tanning spot, pour yourself a refreshing glass of lemonade, and crack open those prep books. The sun is out and shining, but your future with a good SAT score is brighter.