How To Start The New School Year Off Right

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September 3, 2019
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How To Start The New School Year Off Right


It may be bittersweet, but summer is finally coming to an end. It’s time to bid goodbye to camp, beach days and family vacation, and begin refocusing on your studies. It’s the start of a new school year, and the perfect time to make your mark. Make sure you enter the new school year on the right foot with these tips!

Transitioning Into The New School Year

Summer is such a great time for playing, exploring, and relaxing. The beginning of the new school year doesn’t mean those things all come to an end. On the contrary, you just need to start settling down at home earlier and getting some sleep at a reasonable hour. Try to make a habit of going to bed and waking up earlier.

Your body needs to become readjusted to a normal sleep pattern. Otherwise, how do you expect to wake up in time for class and function throughout the school day? Restarting school may seem overwhelming; but as a starting point, you can organize your weekly planner to help stay ahead of your responsibilities.

Stock Up On School Supplies You Need For The New School Year

Remember this: It doesn’t matter if you’re enrolling in your first day of elementary school or your senior year of college. Regardless of your grade level, you’ll need to arrive prepared with the proper school supplies. Before high school, teachers are generous enough to offer a list of the suggested supplies you will need. But when you enter high school, you may notice that teachers aren’t as forthcoming. The supplies you end up buying will depend on your personal styles of note-taking. Some students like massive binders for several subjects.

Meanwhile, other students prefer an individual binder for each subject.  There isn’t a room of a thumb to follow. Buy what makes sense for your learning and organizational habits. Finally, try to avoid the last minute scramble for school supplies. Embrace the last of your free time by preparing for the next few months way ahead of schedule.

Organize For The New School Year

Staying organized is essential if you plan to stay on top of the semester’s work. Buy a different binder for each one of your classes. It’s helpful to color-coordinate your materials for each subject. For example, you may choose to buy a green folder and binder for Math. Likewise, you dedicate the color red to Science. This can help save time when you’re scouring through your backpack trying to find notes in a pinch.

Join Events and Clubs This New School Year

There are bound to be school-sponsored events throughout the year that you want to join. Perhaps you want to check out the fundraising bake sale for a cause you care about. Be sure to reach out to the people running it, and let them know you’re interested in advanced. If you plan on playing a sport during the year, then it’s time to return to the gym so you aren’t rusty during tryouts. For any club or activity you join, always plan ahead to avoid scheduling conflicts. This will spare you from having to choose between two conflicting activities.

Enjoy The New School Year – It’s Your Time to Shine

While the end of summer can be bittersweet, there is certainly a lot about the school year to look forward to. The new school year is always full of fun activities, time with friends, and great new experiences. Get ahead of the game, and prepare for what lies ahead. For more tips, tricks, and advice about your studies, be sure to subscribe to our blog.