3 Essential Skills To Master Before Taking the ACT

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March 7, 2020
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3 Essential Skills To Master Before Taking the ACT


Although there is no full-proof way to ace a standardized test like the ACT, there are a few ways to prepare and practice to effectively ensure that you can get the highest score possible.  The ACT, one of the most popular standardized tests, measures a student’s readiness for college-level coursework.  Before worrying about applying to different colleges and universities, it is essential to focus on earning the highest total score on the exam of your choosing.  Mastering these important skills before taking the ACT will ensure that you are set up for success during and after your exam!

Reviewing The ACT’s Format

Reviewing academic concepts in Math, Reading, Writing, and Science is absolutely necessary. But students must also become more familiar with the test’s structure. Before taking the exam, understand and familiarize yourself with the ACT’s exam structure. This will help you transition smoothly between sections and prepare you for what’s to come during the actual exam. It is also worth remembering that the ACT does not take points off for wrong answers, so don’t leave anything blank! It is always in your best interest to answer each question as best as you can even if you are unsure.

Time Management For The ACT

One of the key differences between the ACT and the SAT is that the ACT offers less time per question. The ACT offers an average of 49 seconds per question across all the sections.  This means that you need to practice managing your time to successfully and efficiently take the test.  Taking mock-exams will help you practice time management skills and give insight into how you should manage your time accordingly. Practicing this skill will make a big difference in your feeling of readiness when it comes time to take the actual exam.

Staying Calm During The ACT

Since test-taking is a skill in itself, staying calm is a factor that will help you do well throughout your exam.  Mastering how to stay calm is elemental and will help you stay focused on the problems and tasks at hand.  It is easy for students to get worked up and stressed, especially when taking a test that is known to become progressively harder. This skill will ensure that your comprehension skills stay effective as you move through the different sections of the test.

Don’t Overlook The Little Things

Many students often overlook these essential skills when preparing for the ACT. As a student opting to take this standardized exam, it is necessary to build a foundation based on these skills, which will help you in the long run. Familiarizing yourself with the ACT exam structure will help you understand what you will need to prepare for so that when test day rolls around, you’re comfortable and ready. Practicing your time management skills will make a significant difference in deciding which questions are worth spending more time on and lower your test-taking anxiety so that you can achieve noteworthy scores. Staying level-headed during one of the most important exams in your life will set you up for success as this is a skill that can be transferred and carried into college entrance and course exams.  Properly mastering these skills is a factor that will make a difference in how you handle and view your ACT exam while also providing a structured base to earn the highest score possible!