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Why College Campus Tours are Essential


College campus tours are a unique experience and have the uncanny ability to win over unsure student applicants. Some students feel they have few options for higher education by the time they register for a campus tour. But are these options a true fit? We ask because a shocking number of students waste precious dollars applying to colleges they never visit until it’s move-in day.

At this point, students must make the right decision because a campus tour can provide a glimpse into college life. It’s best to use college campus tours as research tools, rather than the final decision because as a beautifully-landscaped campus may not give students a quality education and selection of extracurricular activities.

Continue reading to learn why a campus tour can influence a high school student’s final decision.

The Campus Tour Gives Insights into Student Life

As a high school student decides on the university and colleges they wish to tour, he or she should take advantage of the plethora of resources that await. This includes meeting enrolled students and asking about their experiences on campus. Paramount interactions can help connect new students and expand a network of acquaintances. Additionally, these interactions also serve as the first impression for prospective students meaning they can gain a solid idea if the campus is friendly and welcoming.

During college campus tours, incoming students have the chance to explore dorm and academic opportunities they can take while on campus. Students will be able to meet professors and peers and witness the setup of a college classroom, which is important for a lot of people because they would like to envision themselves in classrooms and the possibility of enjoying campus life. Specifically, when students come to visit, they either have a great idea of what major they would like to pursue – or they’re probably still figuring out what they love and what distinct talents they’re confident in.

When meeting professors and students on campus, remember to ask them what their majors were, why they decided to teach, and any advice or guidance they can give you to help explore a possible field or major.

Go Virtual in the Comfort of Your Home

Registering for a virtual campus tour through video conferencing software can help out-of-state students who cannot attend the tour due to a long drive or flight. Due to the proliferation of COVID-19, some states have specific conditions and restrictions for out-of-state visitors. This makes everyone aware that they need to take extra safety precautions as a campus tour looks like a large social gathering. The safest way to explore campus is virtually now, and many campus tour guides have been creating fun and unique experiences for prospective students.

Since students typically feel more comfortable connecting virtually, they can use Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn to find groups with other students admitted students. From social groups, intramural sports, clubs, majors, Greek life, financial aid, to safety regulations, there is plentiful information to provide for students during a virtual tour. Now virtual tours are even showcased through VR headsets so students can see what a typical day on campus is like.

Choose Your College Wisely & Remember to Have Fun!

While it may seem nervewracking to immerse yourself in an unfamiliar environment, attending a college tour is one of the first steps into adulthood. Whether your campus tour is in-person or virtual, put aside your preconceived notions for one day and put yourself in the position to meet new people. For instance, you can strike up a conversation with other students on the tour by asking their names, interests, and other questions. Who knows – you may end up meeting your future best friend or roommate.

Students need to learn how to do this now, as they will be practicing their introductions for the rest of their life when they attend their Master’s program or apply for an entry-level position. Things are looking up for prospective students during a pandemic, all thanks to the virtual platforms we have today.

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