Time-Management Tips for Homework

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Time-Management Tips for Homework

Organization Tips

Being a college-bound high school student requires a day packed with responsibilities and activities. Every day, students must perform a delicate balance of AP classes, SAT prep, academic classes, extracurricular activities, college visits, part-time jobs, and spending time with friends and family. With such a full plate, students must build time-management skills to prioritize urgent tasks. To ensure you are staying on top of homework, TestPrepScore outlines our best tips and tricks for efficient time-management and task prioritization.

Invest in a Calendar

Using a monthly calendar, students can visualize when every task is due and keep track of important events. At the beginning of the school year, document all your commitments, such as:

  • College Visits
  • College Application Deadlines
  • Scholarship Deadlines
  • AP and SAT exam dates
  • Family vacations
  • Important sporting events

Once you know when everything takes place, you can make an effective timeline of study plans and deadlines.

For additional organization, use color-coding to separate between school, college prep, extracurriculars, personal commitments, work shifts, and more. Be sure to update the calendar every time there is a new commitment, reschedule, or cancellation. Staying on top of your events will help you feel more prepared for the year ahead.

Utilize To-Do-Lists

On a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis, make a comprehensive list of what you need/want to accomplish. Writing these out will ease anxieties and feel confident you are getting necessary tasks done. Not only is this effective for organization and motivation, but crossing out a task from the list is also extremely satisfying.

The A-B-C Time-Management Method

The A-B-C method narrows down your priorities based on importance. Mark the most important tasks “A”, as this signifies it is of utmost importance and should be accomplished as soon as possible. Assign “B” to tasks that need attention by the end of the day. Label “C” next to each task that can be pushed to tomorrow or later in the week.

The A-B-C method helps you feel confident you are up to date with upcoming tasks. Additionally, marking down priorities streamlines your workflow as you no longer have to think about what should come next.

Work on Eliminating Procrastination

Procrastination leads to anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. It is best to address the issue head-on. Ask yourself, why am I avoiding my homework? Maybe the assignment is unclear or you need some extra guidance. Perhaps you struggle to understand the subject matter and need extra tutoring. Once you understand the root of your procrastination, you can ask for help.

Focus on One Task at a Time

Some projects seem daunting due to the amount of work involved. To make a large project feel feasible, break it up into multiple smaller tasks. This way, you can feel confident in accomplishing each step one by one.

In a similar way, having multiple classes requiring your attention can be overwhelming. Students must focus on one class at a time and avoid trying to multitask. Accomplish your English essay, then focus on your Calculus assignment, and start studying for your Biology exam.

Set Specific Deadlines and Goals

Remember your handy calendar? Take a look to see what is due when, and create a timeline of deadlines and goals. If you know you have a big game coming up and your English essay is due the next morning, you can set a personal deadline for the day before the big game. By adjusting to your own schedule, you can make a timeline that helps you accomplish every task. When you have an opportunity to get ahead, reprioritize your to-do list so you can perpetuate a cycle of being prepared.

Find an Academic Tutor Near You

Time-management is an important life skill that will benefit students throughout their academic and professional careers. If your student needs extra guidance, a professional tutor will help develop healthy study habits and time-management skills based on individual needs. Remember to follow our blog to find an academic tutor near you!