Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

Students looking to enroll in the law school of their dreams must secure a high score on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The LSAT, administered by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), is the required exam needed to get into law schools in the United States, Canada, and other countries. The LSAT measures a student’s aptitude, thereby predicting if they can keep up with the intense workload in competitive Law programs.

What is the LSAT?

The LSAT has been studied and shows that it is the single best predictor of first-year law school performance and if the student has what it takes to succeed. The LSAT consists of two parts:

  1. Multiple Choice Exam: This section will include reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, logical reasoning questions, and an unscored variable section to test questions for future use.
  2. LSAT Writing: The LSAT writing section uses secure proctoring on the test-taker’s computer. The candidate can take the writing section as early as eight days before their multiple-choice exam.

The LSAT is the only test accepted by ABA-accredited law schools and gives students the best chance to be admitted to prestigious programs. You can register to take the LSAT at the official Law School Admission Council website.

How is the LSAT Scored?

The LSAT is scored based on the number of questions you answered correctly. All questions hold equal weight; therefore, the total number of questions you answered correctly is what matters. The LSAT score ranges from 120 to 180, 180 being the highest score possible. Do keep in mind that you can only take the LSAT a total of 7 times over a lifetime. You can take the LSAT up to three times in a single year, but you cannot take the LSAT more than five times within the current and five past testing years. The Law School Admission Council only accepts reports from five tests over the past five testing years.

How to Prepare for the LSAT?

Due to the LSAT’s challenging nature, you will need 150 hours of preparation at the minimum. If you expect to earn a score in the top percentile, you will need to study 150-300 hours over a two to three-month period, so about 20-25 hours a week. TestPrepScore can find you the perfect tutor who will help organize and set up a strategy that will lead you to success on the LSAT.

Staying organized, for instance, will help you better allocate your time for studying and content reviews. Furthermore, setting a goal score for test day will help motivate you to stay on track during your study process.

How Long Does It Take to Receive LSAT Scores?

Generally, it will take three to four weeks to receive your LSAT score by email. Your score will only go to you and the law schools to which you have applied. You can request for your score to go to other law schools or agencies through the Candidate Referral Service. Undergraduate students can also send LSAT scores to pre-law advisors, who can help identify the best law school and programs.

Start Prepping for the LSAT Today!

It is important not to wait to start prepping if you plan to take the LSAT in the next six months. Whether that means finding a tutoring service or working it out on your own, do not wait to start. Allow yourself up to three months to study so you can succeed on your first or second try.

TestPrepScore can help lead you to success by connecting you with the best LSAT tutors in the area. Connect with us to learn about nearby LSAT prep options.