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Test Prep Score is New York City’s go-to information hub for all your test prep needs. Whether you’re a high school junior in Manhattan or a concerned parent with a soon-to-be college student, our extensive test prep database can help position NYC students for unlimited success. With so many top-of-the-line test prep services offered and the season of applications and exams quickly approaching, our database can help you locate the best of the best in NYC.

The Best NYC Test Prep Services

We’ve all dealt with pre-test jitters and walked in feeling anxious that all our studying would go out the window, but a little assistance will eliminate all those issues completely. We can give you advice on how to stop procrastinating and use helpful tricks like flashcards and mnemonics so you can go ace your AP exam. Our test prep services will even take you one step further in helping you manage test anxiety through test preparation, rest, and a positive attitude. With so many Universities to choose from, NYC can become a competitive academic atmosphere; so eliminating nerves is vital to coming out on top. No matter the exam – whether it’s the ISEE, SSAT or the daunting LSAT – our strategies for managing test anxiety and test-taking skills will produce the same lasting result.

Help Your NYC Student Boost SAT & ACT Scores

Most NYC high school students will tackle these dreaded exams, but preparing for the SAT & ACT just became a whole lot easier. Test Prep Score will give you insight into whether you’re better suited to take the SAT or ACT. Understanding the different studying methods for each test can mean the difference between a passing grade and scoring in the top percentile. Luckily, students have access to a wide range of information and our expert academic expertise beat out the competition.

The flexibility of choosing between online tutoring or private tutoring makes this process as convenient as possible. Tutors can eliminate any fears by walking students through the exact test format from reading comprehension to math questions. Exposing students to topics they’ll see on the exam will do wonders in upping confidence, and unleashing their full potential. With our helpful SAT & ACT tips, you’ll walk into the exam with the same self-assurance as navigating the New York City subway, and the minute you receive your score the benefits of tutoring will be obvious.

Reach Your Goals With Academic Tutoring

No academic goal is out of reach. You can learn how to stop losing focus and use this academic tutoring service to save you from cramming in all the information missed the night before the exam. For those with learning differences, personalized help is always provided with private tutoring available to anyone who needs. Not only will class feel a lot less dull, but the academic tutoring you receive will help you stand out against the sea of college-bound NYC students. As New York City’s most reliable hub on all things test prep, we have you covered. It’s time to stop selling yourself short and prepare your application to Columbia University.

Expert College Counseling In NYC

Though living in bustling New York City may have equipped you for handling stressful situations, the college application and acceptance process is a whole new challenge. The experts at Test Prep Score reduce the anxieties that come with trying to navigate the intimidating college application process. From helping you draft a winning college essay to grooming you for 1-on-1 interviews, NYC students now have help through every step of the journey.

From NYU to Fordham to St. John’s University, countless students vie for a spot at an NYC school. Luckily, Test Prep Score can point you in the right direction. We can find you the scholarships that will make your dream possible, so you can afford the cost of an NYC college experience. Our goal revolves around removing the needless worries and overlooked mistakes often made so you can focus on the monumental decision ahead of you.

Seeking academic help is the best way to improve your college prospects and become a better learner both in and outside the classroom . We pride ourselves on providing New York City students with a new appreciation for the lessons learned in the classroom and pushing them to achieve higher results. Our blog has tips and tricks that can help you prepare for that nerve-wracking college interview with your first-pick NYC university or help you overcome those obstacles that come with learning differences, so you stand out from the fellow NYC dwellers applying to those same schools you dream of attending.