Which SAT Prep Course Is Right for Me?

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December 12, 2018
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December 20, 2018
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Which SAT Prep Course Is Right for Me?


As admission into colleges becomes more and more competitive, SAT prep becomes more and more important. There are several options for SAT prep courses and each offers its own set of advantages. It is important that students who wish do well on their SATs identify the best test prep course for them. To decide what the best course of action is, we have outlined some of the most common methods of SAT prep courses and what the process entails. Become familiar with these options and consider which to choose based on your study preferences.

1-on-1 Tutoring

Many students find great success in 1 on 1 tutoring for SAT prep. This method consists of one student meeting consistently with one tutor to work on general SAT practice or more specific areas of the exam. The tutor and individual student can decide how frequently it is necessary for them to meet and may design a weekly schedule. Many students find this to be an effective and comfortable SAT prep method because only the tutor will be aware of their questions, practice scores, and weaknesses. Some students feel intimidated to ask questions or get an answer wrong in front of their peers, so students in 1 on 1 tutoring have the luxury of private lessons.

Students who choose this method of SAT Prep Courses also tend to develop a connection with their tutor. This allows their tutor to recognize the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and appropriate resources going forward. The tutor can cater the lesson to the needs of the individual and narrow in on sections of the tests they struggle with the most. Students who wish to focus on specific areas of the SAT with an expert in that subject without the fear of any judgment should consider 1 on 1 in-person tutoring. The downside to this method, like a lot of other prep options, is it may become expensive if parents are paying per lesson.

Group Studying

A lot of students study well in groups. They tend to learn from the mistakes and suggestions of others, feel more at ease in a group setting rather than one on one, and enjoy a more collaborative environment. Some tutors meet with groups and go over important things to know about the structure of the exam, test strategies, and material that commonly appears on the exam.

This might also occur in the form of small classes. Some teachers and tutors offer after-school or night SAT Prep Courses where a small class of students come and learn together. An advantage to group studying also comes with accountability. Students are more likely to stay motivated to learn and come to group studying if they are encouraged by peers or do not want to miss out on something other group members would learn.

Online Courses

Online courses have become a popular and trusted method for SAT Prep Courses. The advantage to online studying is that a multitude of resources can be used at the student’s convenience. Online resources also offer a variety of practice material as well as test-taking tips. Many students feel comfortable with online courses and find it to be a more-relaxed method of studying than consistently meeting with someone in-person. One of the cons to online courses is that there is limited accountability and the actual SAT is not an online exam. Students taking online courses should also include written practice exams into their study routine so they are familiar with the SAT format.

Individual Study Sessions

Many students choose to study individually using SAT prep books that include practice tests. A lot of students take this route because they are used to studying individually, it is affordable and can be done on their own schedule. While individual study sessions may be an effective method for some tests in school, it’s not always the best option for the SAT.

If a student studies from a practice test book alone, there is no one else to check the work and explain incorrect answers It also limits how much new information they can gain and requires a lot of self-assessment. Studying individually for a crucial exam also places a lot of pressure on the student and can lead them to feel overwhelmed or as though their progress has become stagnant. The SAT is a lot different than other tests students may be used to taking, so they should consider including additional studying methods for this standardized test.

Choose What’s Best For You

Every student learns and processes feedback differently. The SAT prep course method that works for your best friend or classmate may not be right for you. Students should explore study options based on their unique learning style and comfort level. It is important that students begin their studying, regardless of the method, in advance so that they can be best prepared and maximize their results.