How to Maximize SAT Prep

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December 17, 2018
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How to Maximize SAT Prep


SAT Tests remain one of the most important pieces of a college application that admission counselors use to indicate if a student would be a good fit or not for the school. These standardized tests are designed to measure a student’s knowledge and skill level in the areas of math, reading, and writing. It is also used to compare other high school students to one another and predict preparedness for college. Since this test can be so crucial for a student to gain acceptance into his or her dream school, SAT prep is extremely important. Students should make every effort to maximize their SAT prep and they can start by following these simple, yet effective tips.

1) Do Your Research

A key piece to maximizing your SAT prep involves knowing what to expect ahead of time. Students should familiarize themselves with the test first. This includes common topics that appear on the exam, the structure of the exam itself, and test duration. It becomes harder to take practice tests or best study if students are unaware of how much time is allotted to each section or what subjects even appear on the SAT.

Students should know what dates of the year the SAT is offered and how many times they plan to take it. It can also be helpful to look at average SAT scores of colleges the student is interested in, so they have a baseline of what to aim for on the test. Knowing the basics of the SAT seems simple, but it serves as the foundation for a student’s test preparation.

2) Sign Up For SAT Test Prep Early

We’ve all heard the popular phrase, “the early bird gets the worm.” The sooner a student starts preparing, the better. Some students wait until right before they plan to take the exam to start studying, and that minimizes their possible preparation level. Students should begin studying as early as they decide to take the SAT and continue preparing after each practice test or SAT exam. The SAT is an accumulation of skills and concepts should be learning throughout their academic careers, so it is impossible to cram for it. A lot of the skills that appear on the SAT take time to be fully learned, such as vocabulary and examples to include in essay questions.

3) Join A Study Group

A lot of students prepare for the SAT independently. While that may be the most effective study method for some individual students, most students can benefit from collaborating with others. The standardized exam is administered the same to every student, so they can bond over the shared experience of taking the test and feel a sense of comfort in knowing they are in it together.

In addition, study groups have been proven to be an effective study method. It allows students a safe space to ask questions, get tips, and more opportunity to practice. Another advantage of this is that each individual student offers a unique approach to tests and all concepts. Perhaps a teacher does not connect with all students, but a peer might offer a suggestion that makes all the difference. Sharing knowledge, unique perspectives, and study tips provide so much opportunity for students to advance their test preparation.

4) Interpret Your Score Report

Knowing about SAT scoring and how to interpret your score report is essential in preparing for the next SAT attempt. Students should first become familiar with how the test is scored. This means knowing when points will be deducted and when it is smart to skip. They should also be aware of their previous scores and what they are aiming to receive in each section.

Sometimes students only care about the score itself, rather than analyzing their score report. What they neglect to realize is that an SAT score report is a golden opportunity for test preparation. It can help students see what sections they need to spend the most time improving on and what areas they are strong at. This can help shape a student’s future study plans and prevent students from spending too much time studying concepts they already excel at.

5) Take Advantage Of ALL Your Resources

Many students fail to maximize their SAT prep by being aware of all of their resources. The truth is- almost everything around them is a study resource. Parents, teachers, tutors, mentors, older friends, and peers all can offer unique advice and study tips and students can decide what works best for them. There are unlimited amounts of SAT prep books, tutoring courses, and practice tests that students can take to become more confident come test day. Students may also look into what their own high school offers them already. Many schools offer SAT prep courses or AP and Honors classes that work to prepare students for harder exams.

When it comes to the SAT, preparation is key. Students can utilize these tips to maximize their level of preparedness and tap into all the resources possible. By being more prepared each time students take the SAT and reflect on the experiences they have had, they can impress their top schools with their SAT scores.