Common Issues With Online Tutoring

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Common Issues With Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

With the invention of video chatting services like Skype and FaceTime, online tutoring has transformed into an incredibly popular and pervasive part of the educational services industry. Online tutoring is a fantastic option for teachers, students, and the world at large. Not only does online tutoring provide traditionally underpaid educators with an easy opportunity to pick up cash on the side, but it also provides students all over the world with access to affordable high-quality education.

The rise of online tutoring certainly poses challenges as well. Test Prep Score identified a litany of issues facing online tutoring, as well as solutions for overcoming them. See below for a list of problems and solutions facing online tutoring in 2019.

Technical Issues With Online Tutoring

This problem exists in online tutoring for all subjects. Despite advancements in conferencing software and cloud-based collaborative software like Google Drive, persistent technical issues continue to cause problems for online tutors and students alike. A poor Internet connection can suddenly cause a Skype call to drop. Similarly, it can cause a significant lag, which disrupts important tutoring sessions. This breakdown in the conversational process of learning can have adverse effects on the quality of the lessons being taught.

Luckily there are easy ways to circumvent this limitation. First, you should try restarting the modem and router before each session. Additionally, make sure you’ve updated your web browser, and confirm that you’ve granted the correct permissions to access your microphone and webcam. Not sure which web browser you should choose? Test Prep Score prefers Firefox and Chrome.

Some Online Tutors Lack of Personal Connection with Students

Most online tutors get by using video chat services like Skype and Google hangouts. Consequently, tutors and students both feel that online tutoring is impersonal and lacks opportunities for a student to actually connect with their instructors. The solution here is pretty simple. Instead of using email to schedule lessons and a video chatting service to speak, check if your online tutoring services offer interactive digital whiteboards.

This nifty feature allows teachers and students to write and erase freehand on one interactive screen. The same service also includes high-def video chat, an easy-to-use forum for seamless teacher-to-student communication, and an unmatched scheduling system to help stay ahead of assignments.

Marketing Your Online Tutoring Services

If you’re working as an online tutor then you probably already have teaching experience. Consequently, it’s quite easy to build out a traditional in-person tutoring business. But this isn’t always the case when trying to build out an online tutoring business. You’re going to need to market yourself online, which is a complicated skill that takes time to develop. Harness the power of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to find customers. You can also try using Craigslist, or your school system’s Listserve.

Get Started Online Tutoring Today

Online tutoring is an exploding sector of the educational services industry for good reason. It’s a convenient way to reach more students. With recent advancements in educational software, there are plenty of ways to teach online without sacrificing the personal connection that comes with in-person tutoring. With Test Prep Score you can find a tutor for any college entrance exam or subject. Subscribe to our blog today for more helpful studying tips.