Which Colleges Have Applicants With The Highest SAT Scores?

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October 29, 2019
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Which Colleges Have Applicants With The Highest SAT Scores?

Colleges With Highest SAT Scores

To gain consideration at America’s most prestigious universities, it’s important to get your SAT scores as high as possible. That’s why it’s so important to get good test prep and take the SATs and ACTs seriously. With this in mind, let’s look at American universities and colleges with the highest average SAT scores to see what you’re up against. Continue reading for our list of 10 American universities with the highest average accepted SAT score, as well as their US News ranking.

Northwestern University (IL)

Average SAT Score: 1486

US News Rank: 10

Princeton University (NJ)

Average SAT Score: 1490

US News Rank: 1

Harvard University (MA)

Average SAT Score: 1500

US News Rank: 2

Johns Hopkins University (MD)

Average SAT Score: 1503

US News Rank: 10

Yale University (CT)

Average SAT Score: 1504

US News Rank: 3

Washington University in St. Louis (MO)

Average SAT Score: 1505

US News Rank: 19

Harvey Mudd College (CA)

Average SAT score: 1506

US News rank 18

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA)

Average SAT Score: 1528

US News Rank: 3

University of Chicago (IL)

Average SAT Score: 1530

US News Rank: 3

Optimize Your SAT Scores With Test Prep

As you can see, gaining consideration to some of the country’s top schools requires stratospheric SAT scores. Whether or not you’re trying to attend any of the schools on this list, it’s important to study, work hard, and register for SAT test prep courses. While standardized tests like the SAT can be stressful at times, taking them seriously is very important for the college application process. Doing well on the SATs is often what determines whether or not you’ll get into your top schools. For more tips on how to study for the SATs – as well as lists of private SAT test prep tutors in your area – follow Test Prep Guide’s blogs and comprehensive guides.