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4 Ways You Can Impress College Admissions

Applying to college contributes a truckload of stress to any high school senior’s life. On top of maintaining grades, students must worry about SAT scores, extracurricular activities, college essays, and even entrance interviews. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to tackle all these activities.

The growing pressure to succeed can take a heavy toll on students. Some may feel stressed, anxious, or even lost when they begin the college admissions process. Even worse, applicants may end up stuck in a rut without a clue how to grab the college admission team’s attention. We want to help ease the pain because no student should ever feel this way during the application process. So when you need some extra guidance, check out these four tips that will impress any college admission team.

1) Show Commitment & Leadership

Displaying strong commitment and leadership is one of the most important things any high school student can do to streamline the application process. To stand out, try listing any leadership positions you held, as well as any volunteer experience you completed during your high school career. Likewise, demonstrating hard work and dedication your coursework sends a strong message to admission teams that’ll you make a perfect fit to their campus community.

2) Be Honest In Your College Entrance Essay

What they don’t know won’t hurt them, right? You may feel tempted to stretch the truth or embellish on your achievements. Telling the truth in your resumé and entrance essays will give you more of an advantage than you think. If you fabricate lies on your resume, you’re hurting your chances of getting accepted into that college. Remember: no one likes a liar or cheater! (We’re talking about you, Lori Loughlin).

Furthermore, having a well-rounded, wholesome essay will give you the upper hand when it comes to the college admissions process. It’s the ideal opportunity to address the college admission team and tell your story. Some schools may not require an essay as a part of the application process, but completing and submitting one will increase your chances of getting accepted.

3) Canvass For Letters Of Recommendation

A college application isn’t complete without those letters of recommendation; after all, it’s the perfect opportunity for all your favorite teachers to brag about you. A compelling letter of recommendation may determine whether you receive admission into the college of your choice. Think about what classes you took, which subjects you performed best in, what you enjoyed, and which teachers you connected with the most. Next, politely ask your teacher to write a letter of recommendation for your college application. Chances are they’ll enjoy extending a helping hand.

On a separate note, don’t feel so gloom if you only receive one letter of recommendation. Always remember that quality holds more weight than quantity. Schools will gladly accept one great letter of recommendation over three unimpressive letters.

4) Register For Your SAT Tests

Most colleges want your SAT scores, so think about SAT test prep ahead of time. Do some research and figure out what scores you need to achieve to get accepted to your desired school of choice. There are many methods of training to prepare for the SAT, so find the best fit for your style of learning whether that is a private tutor, SAT Prep Course, or any self-taught method. Dedicated preparation for the SAT will result in a higher score, a better reaction from college admissions, and an enhanced likelihood of acceptance. If you fail to reach your desired score, you can always re-take the SATs at a later date.

Make A Lasting Impression & Earn That Acceptance Letter

Applying to colleges may seem intimidating, but trust us when we say that it’s all worth it in the end. The best tip we can offer is to begin your college admissions process today and begin preparing for the SATs. Reach out to your school’s admissions counselor to get that head start in the college application process.

Test Prep Score is here to help with any and all your questions for this process. Subscribe to our blog for helpful tips and guides on studying for the SAT as well as applying to college. If you need a tutor, we provide a helpful list of tutoring centers near you. Good luck with your college admissions and never forget hard work always pays off!