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November 20, 2019
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Why You Need a College Essay Tutor


Between standardized tests, interviews, and GPA requirements, the college application process is already stressful enough. Writing a college essay is an additional stress-inducing process to cobble on with the rest. The essay is an important part of your college application and provides the perfect opportunity to make your candidacy stand out. Luckily, Test Prep Score offers all the help you’ll need to write a great college essay. Here are some of the many reasons why you should invest in a college essay tutor.

It’s Hard To Proofread Your Writing

Whether or not writing is one of your favorite things to do, proofreading is difficult. Even if you read over your work a hundred times, it’s still very easy to overlook your own spelling, grammar, and syntactic mistakes. Something as simple as a misplaced comma or incorrect use of “there” is enough for college admissions professional to throw an application in the trash. A tutor will help you avoid making these mistakes and keep your writing fresh, evocative, mature, and professional, and interesting.

Show Your True Self

While test scores and GPAs hold a lot of weight in college admissions, they don’t show admissions offices anything about a student’s personality or ambitions. Your essay gives you the chance to truly make a case for yourself. You can showcase your personality, humor, whimsy, and aspirations. A proper college essay will shape your essay to shine and stand out in a sea of applications.

An Unbiased Opinion Is Helpful

While it’s likely that your mom or best friend would love to read your essay and help out, these people already know and love you. Their opinions are inherently biased. College admissions officers don’t know you at all. Your essay is the keyhole through which they will view your personality and aspirations. You could say the same of a private college essay tutor.

A tutor will have the same perspective on your personality as a college admissions officer. Use their unbiased perspective to draft an essay that communicates who you are as clearly and loudly as possible.

You’ll Save Time

Any type of writing can be very time consuming and stressful. Brainstorming, writing, and editing your college essay is going to feel like a lot of pressure. If you attempt it all on your own or without the help of a professional, chances are you’ll have those moments where you feel like you’re stuck. It’s tempting to trash what you’re working on and start from scratch in these cases. A tutor will help you get through the whole process and save you from the doubts, procrastination, and stress that may enter your mind along the way.

Invest In a Tutor Today To Nail Your Essay

Don’t let college essays intimidate you! There’s no doubt that they’re a crucial part of your application, but a good college essay tutor will get your essay where it needs to be. Test Prep Score’s comprehensive databases of tutors in your area will help you connect with a best-in-class private tutor. To learn more, go to our website, or follow our blog.