The 5 Best Majors For Finding A Job After College

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January 17, 2020
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The 5 Best Majors For Finding A Job After College


Earning a college degree is a surefire way to land a job immediately after graduation. While some graduates secure a job before graduation, others spend the months following commencement struggling to find a position that aligns with his or her college major.

College majors help prepare students to enter their industry and climb up the corporate levels. But at the same time, some majors don’t produce enough jobs. In 2020, a college degree doesn’t necessarily guarantee a job after graduating. In fact, more high school students keep opting out of higher education in favor of more promising jobs that don’t require a degree.

While these facts may hold some merit, attending college gives students the chance to create a unique pathway to a dream job and (hopefully) a livable income. A study conducted by the US Social Security Administration in 2015 explained how a high school graduate’s lifetime earnings are about $900,000 less than a college graduate’s lifetime earnings. That being said, selecting a college major in certain fields may give college graduates a competitive edge during the job hunt.

Which College Major Will You Choose To Study?

Between art history, literature, microbiology, and countless other majors, narrowing down one field of study isn’t always easy. But we’ve rounded up the top 5 college majors that yield the most job opportunities. Here are the top 5 majors that students should consider studying.

  1. Business: Graduating with a business degree unlocks bountiful job opportunities because “business” encompasses many different areas. Marketing, accounting, project management, finance, and business administration are just some of the paths students can follow when pursuing a business degree. Sales have always been one of the leading career paths for many students after graduation and 8 out of 10 majors that job recruiters look for in candidates relate to the business industry. More importantly, this industry pays out a median income of $112,000, which is significantly higher than other majors.
  2. Nursing: Entering the healthcare industry has always been a safe bet when looking for a post-college job. Nursing, in particular, sits at the top of the list because of the sheer number of open jobs. Even better, the ongoing demands for medical professionals won’t dwindle anytime soon. In fact, experts projected in 2016 that more than 64,000 jobs will become available within the next 10 years. Nursing is a great way to learn hands-on experience in the field even before graduation. Working in simulation labs, as well as alongside other nurses and physicians, gives students great experience before he or she lands a job.
  3. Electrical Engineering: Although some students might find this job out of the ordinary compared to business or nursing, this industry keeps booming with more job opportunities for recent college graduates. An electrical engineer studies the design and testing of electrical equipment, as well as supervising the manufacturing process. A recent study showed that the median income for an electrical engineer reaches approximately $96,000 per year.
  4. Mechanical Engineering: The engineering industry is a very promising career with countless job opportunities waiting. Robotics, automotive and construction are all areas where mechanical engineering can be used with only a Bachelor’s degree. Having the ability to secure a good job after college, without more schooling, sounds picturesque for job applicants looking to enter the workforce.
  5. Mathematics & Statistics: Relating to how widespread the business field is, mathematics and statistics are two great majors when searching for a job. These two fields of study can be used in sports, research, education, healthcare and even engineering. For students looking going back and forth between multiple majors, then look no further. Completing a degree in such a broad industry is an excellent way to open up many new pathways to future (unrelated) job opportunities Finding a job as a mathematician is no problem due to its unemployment rate being so low, at a staggering 0.9% and its number 2 ranking in “Best Business Jobs.”

Did You Pick The Right College Major?

Search for a job after college graduation is may seem arduous, but some college majors make the search much easier. Due to the competitive nature of finding an entry-level job, certain experiences and backgrounds can drastically help within the job search. If you’re unsure if your current college major is appropriate for your job aspirations, then consider scheduling a meeting with your university’s career counseling center. These experts can help put you on the right pathway to securing your dream job immediately after earning your degree.