Why Should Students Pursue an MBA?

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July 7, 2021
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Why Should Students Pursue an MBA?

MBA programs

Not only does pursuing an MBA make you a more desirable candidate for professional job positions, but students can also gain a greater awareness of the global marketplace and gain additional experience while expanding their network. Regardless of industry or area of study, students can apply the skills and knowledge they gathered during their MBA studies and apply them to any profession.

What is an MBA?

An MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. There are a plethora of benefits regarding your decision to pursuing an MBA. Professionals who graduate with an MBA learn real-world business fundamentals such as leadership, communication, critical thinking, and analytical skills. The typical core curriculum surrounding a strong business MBA program includes courses focused on:

  • Accounting
  • Ethics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Macro/Micro Economics

Additional electives can be taken to help students build on leadership skills, networking, advanced student projects, and student-run conferences.

What Majors Can Students Study in MBA Programs?

Depending on which school you decide to pursue your MBA with, schools such as the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania offer over 19 majors that include Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Health Care Management, and Organizational Effectiveness. Students who have different aspirations with what they want to do with their own MBA have the other options to craft an individualized MBA major tailored to their interdisciplinary path of studies.

How Does an MBA Affect Your Salary?

One of the many benefits of pursuing an MBA is the potential increase in earnings. Using the Wharton School of Business as an example, MBA graduates typically earn a median-based salary of over $150,000. Students who successfully complete an MBA can expect to make about 28% more than those without a graduate degree. Earning an MBA makes you a part of a global network, which means that you have the opportunity to gain access to well-respected, intelligent professionals that may offer you full-time positions fresh out of graduate school.

What are the Benefits of an MBA?

Completing an MBA program not only demonstrates your dedication to your professional career, but also demonstrates a commitment to learning, skill reinforcement, and a strong application of those skills. The benefits of pursuing an MBA include the following:

  • Greater awareness of the global marketplace
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Expanding Your Professional Network
  • Increased Job Opportunities
  • Better Time management

Juggling additional work on top of a challenging curriculum can help you manage your time effectively. These are highly valuable skills that employers are always looking for when starting the hiring process. Not only this, but these are skills that you can take with you for the rest of your life.

Start Applying to MBA Programs Today

The earlier you start on your applications, the higher chances you have to succeed. Furthermore, students of all ages can always benefit from an independent admissions counselor. These experienced professionals can help you identify your dream MBA program, as well as assist you in developing an action plan to meet your goals. For more helpful tips and insights regarding higher education, make sure to subscribe to Test Prep Score.