Expert Note-Taking Tips for Scholastic Success

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Expert Note-Taking Tips for Scholastic Success


In school there is so much to learn over the years you are enrolled. One of the main ways of retaining all the information is by taking notes. There are so many ways you can take notes and with some classes being recorded it is easier than ever to remember the information said in class. This list will help you gain some tips on how to make the most out of your notes in school.

Compare and Share Notes

You are never alone in class. With everyone taking notes at the same time, it is a clever idea to ask those other students to compare notes to ensure you cover the key points. There might be times when you miss something in class, so comparing notes can help to fill in those blanks. You also might not understand something and asking your peers can help for better understanding.

Review Your Lecture Notes

After your class set aside time to review the notes you took that day. Sometimes when you are writing down notes, you are not always actively listening to what is being said. Going over your notes might bring up other things you forgot that you could add to your notes. It can also bring up any questions that you may have within the notes that you can ask your professor.

Note-Taking Material

Notes used to always be taken with pen and paper but now with technology you have many choices. If your class allows electronics, then you have different options. If you can type fast, you can take notes on a laptop. This allows you to make quick edits and comments on your notes. If you have an iPad, you can use apps like Good Notes to take notes and draw like you would in a notebook but also add pdfs or pictures to your notes. You can also download any PowerPoints from the professor and mark notes right on the document.

Helpful Note-Taking Methods

There are different methods that can work for you to organize your notes. One method is the Outline Method. This uses an outline to organize the topics by having the title and main topics on the left side of the paper. Using indentations to write down subtopics and any supporting notes below. Another type of note-taking is the Cornell Method. This method divides the page in half and puts the big concepts or topics on the left and the details on the right side of the page. At the bottom of the page, you can summarize the notes for the day.

Make Note-Taking Fun

Taking notes can get boring, especially if the subject is not your favorite. Adding highlighters or assorted colored pens or pencils can make your notes more interesting. It can also help to separate subjects within the page. Post-It Notes can help to organize your notes and add more color to your notes so you can find what you are looking for easier.

Taking notes is such an integral part of your education. At TestPrepScore want to make sure that you get the most out of school. If you need help or more suggestions, please contact us.