The Do’s and Don’ts of College Admission Essays

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The Do’s and Don’ts of College Admission Essays

College Admissions Essay

It’s amazing how many high school students have trouble writing a college admission essay. This common struggle usually stems from the same underlying issue; college applicants aren’t sure what to write about. It’s normal for college-bound applicants to feel their stress levels kick into overdrive, especially when they lack a starting point for a college admissions essay. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for writing a college admission essay that will surely impress any college admissions officer.

DO Give Yourself Enough Time to Write Your College Essay

It’s critical that you begin crafting your college admission essay as soon as possible. Getting an early start on your essay will allow you to edit your work, and check which parts can be improved with your guidance counselor. A rushed essay may also contain a plethora of grammatical and spelling errors, which doesn’t make a good first impression on college admissions departments.

DON’T Plagiarize Another College Essay

We’ve learned this since elementary school, and colleges take plagiarism very seriously. Using someone else’s ideas proves to admission officers that you lack the creativity and worth ethic to attend their university. More importantly, stealing someone else’s work doesn’t tell your own story. Try writing about one of your passions using your own unique voice.

DO Show a Slice of Your Life in Your College Essay

Colleges like an essay that details a personal journey; so highlighting how you’ve overcome struggles and adversity can really impress a college admission department. Think about something in your life that you’re proud of. What made it a proud moment? Why was that so important to you? If you start from there, you can craft an amazing essay.

DON’T Copy What’s on Your Resume For Your College Admissions Essay

Reading the same thing over and over is a boring waste of time. Copying the information on your resume is redundant. Remember that you already submitted your resume, so you don’t have to submit it again. If anything, your essay should expand on important points listed on your resume so that colleges can get a sense of the value you can bring to campus.

DO Use Your Own Voice in Your College Essay

Colleges love to read an essay that is personal to the writer, so using your own voice in your writing will be advantageous. When you think about something that’s personal to you and write about it, you will be ahead of the game.

DON’T Ramble On Too Much in your College Essay

If you ramble on or put in too much filler, the reader is going to get bored. If the reader gets bored, your chances of getting into your dream school will go down drastically. While editing cut out any filler that you notice. Remember that colleges tend to have a word count on their essays, so if you go above the word count, it can’t be submitted. Additionally, an essay that’s filled with clichés won’t impress any college admission counselor. It’s fine to sprinkle a few in here or there, but remember to not overdo it. Your essay dictates how colleges see you when they make their choices.

Crafting Your Compelling College Admission Essay

With these tips, your essay will look better than you thought it would when you started drafting. Continue writing, editing, and double-checking, and your college essay will come across to every college you apply to as professional and positive. Make sure to subscribe to our blog for more helpful test prep tips. Good luck!