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Ivy League College Admissions Tips

Ivy League College Admission

There are many students applying to Ivy League schools, who all know how difficult it is to get into any of them. For many of these students, this knowledge (along with tuition costs) may demoralize students from applying at all. There’s no need to feel discouraged because we’re here to help! Here are a few tips that will help you during your Ivy League admission process.

Find Your Focus

Before you start applying, think about what you expect to gain from college. Ivy Leagues tend to favor applicants with a clear career path over students wishing to “explore their options.” Find your passions, and figure out what you want to focus on in college. This will not only narrow down your search but will also make choosing a major easier.

Ivy League Colleges Care More About Grades Than Extracurricular Activities

Unlike many state schools, Ivy League schools don’t focus on your high school extracurricular activities. Instead, these prestigious schools care more about an applicant’s grades and test scores. Making sure you take time to prepare for tests and complete assignments will make a big difference in the application process. Ivy League schools want the best and brightest students, so being able to maintain good grades is crucial to the admission team.  If you notice your grades slipping due to extracurricular involvement, consider taking a break to focus on your grades. There will be plenty of extracurricular activities to become involved with at college!

Ivy League Colleges Want to See Your Strengths

Every student has a unique set of abilities and strengths. Ivy League schools take notice of what sets you apart from other applicants; so make sure you let them know where you excel.

Apply Early Decision To Ivy League Colleges

Nothing looks better to a college than applying early decision. It shows the admission team that you are eager and ready to start at their college rather than any other college. Applying early decision for an Ivy League school can boost your chances of earning a spot at these prestigious universities. Your passion to attend this school sets you apart from students with long lists of colleges. Make sure the admission team knows how ready you are to join their school through early decision.

Win Over Ivy League Admission Counselors With A Captivating Essay

Your college essay is one of the most critical parts of the application process. College essays are much more important to Ivy League schools than to regular state schools. Your test scores are great, but Ivy Leagues want to hear about their possible new student.  What are your interests, and hobbies? Do you have a story that will really amaze the admission team?  Use your essay to give the Ivy League schools an inside look into your life.  They want the best and brightest, but they also want to make sure you will fit in with their culture. Take time on your essay, draft, revise, and rewrite to make sure the Ivy Leagues are getting your best work.

Extra Ivy League Colleges Admission Tips

Applying to an Ivy League school can be stressful, and your journey to the Ivy Leagues is far from finished. We want to help you be as prepared as possible. You can get more information and advice about college admissions and other academic needs with Test Prep Score. Subscribe to our blog for even more guides to acing the admissions process!