Time-Management Tips For Standardized Testing

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Time-Management Tips For Standardized Testing


Whether in the classroom or at an SAT testing site, refining time-management skills can transcend in all areas of a student’s academic life. Learning how to manage time wisely is an underrated skill that requires more practice than many people realize. Effective time-management allows students to maximize time in their daily schedule, organize key priorities for schools, as well as enhance the test prep process. How students manage time in a standardized test – like the SAT or ACT – can mean the difference between an average score or a 99th percentile score. Check out these proven time-management tips for standardized testing that will help set high school students up for success!

Don’t Be Afraid To Skip Questions

It is absolutely okay to skip a question and return to it later—assuming time allows it. Students cannot afford to lose precious time answering one question. If a student struggles to complete a question, move on and finish the rest of the section before taking another stab at the question. Remember: students won’t lose points for skipping questions on the SAT.

Find The Best Answer Through Process of Elimination

The process of elimination is one of the simplest, yet effective testing tips out there. When students face a confusing question on an exam, crossing out incorrect answers can help narrow down choices. These are the answer choices that are either off-topic or clearly wrong. Narrowing down choices and physically crossing them off will increase a student’s chances of finding the best possible answer.

Pacing Is Key

A steady test-taking pace is essential for doing well on standardized tests. Rushing through the comprehensive exam will only result in careless errors. It’s quite common for students to misunderstand questions and make miscalculations when rushing to finish. On the flip side, working too slow will not work in a student’s favor either. While a student may answer each question correctly, this method will eat away at the valuable time needed to cover the remaining question. A student can strengthen time management by completing practice tests with his or her test prep tutor.

Ample Preparation Ahead of Time

We already mentioned this, but the best way to determine if a student’s time-management skills are up to par is to complete a practice drill! Doing this will help students identify strengths, as well as areas in need of improvement. More importantly, a deeper understanding of each section will help students prepare accordingly before the big test day arrives.

The Importance Of Time Management On Standardized Tests

Mastering how to manage time is an incredibly important skill that college-bound high school students cannot ignore. Time management will help students across the nation get through these critical standardized tests effectively and efficiently. Finally, please remember that learning how to conquer standardized tests – like the SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, and ISEE – is an essential skill that requires dedication, concentration, and practice. For more helpful ACT and SAT tips, make sure to subscribe to our blog.