Tips For Excelling In An Online Tutoring Environment

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April 21, 2020
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Tips For Excelling In An Online Tutoring Environment

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If you find yourself having a hard time managing online courses recently, you are not alone! Unforeseen circumstances, such as the Coronavirus (COVID-19), can leave students with a new hurdle to jump over. So, how can students make the most out of online learning and stay on top of their tasks? To help students and parents navigate this difficult time, we have put together some tips and tricks to aid them in creating the best at-home and online learning environment!

Follow a Strict Online Tutoring Schedule

Getting your child back on track after some time off can be challenging. Get them in the school mindset by encouraging them to continue following their morning routine at home so when it comes time to start their work, they will feel prepared to take on the day. For parents of students in elementary and middle school, you might find that your child needs more guidance through their coursework. By building a daily schedule or agenda for each subject, you will be able to help your child stay on top of their work and upcoming due dates – without any late nights.

When transitioning over to online learning, parents need to understand that it may not be possible to perfectly simulate a typical school day, especially when it comes to keeping their focus on the task at hand. To avoid future frustrations, track their progress and flag materials that your child takes longer to understand or accomplish. This way you can amend your schedule based on their learning specific style. During the times like we’re in right now with Corona Virus, remember that everyone is on the same boat so response times with teachers and online platforms like Google Classroom may take longer than usual!

Create a Dedicated Workspace For Online Tutoring

For students of all ages, a dedicated workspace can be a great way to stay focused on homework and studying. Online learning can be tough to navigate as distractions in the home are greater than those that students may find at school. To build a positive space, remove as many distractions as possible. To further amplify an at-home workspace for your child or children, add in “quiet time” to your schedule so everyone at home stays on the same page. Using this tool can boost productivity while lessening anxiety and distractions.

Students often find it beneficial to remove themselves from places in their home where they usually hang out or take breaks. By completing work away from couches, beds, and typical at-home hangout spots, your child will have a clear distinction between school time and break time.

Take Breaks Away From The Computer

To excel in the new online environment, taking regular short breaks will be beneficial to avoid stress. If your child has struggled with the same problem for some time or has completed an intense task, this may be a good time to consider taking a short break. Going outside, doing a short art project, or simply having a snack can boost your child’s spirits and keep them from getting tired quickly. With the addition of break times to a daily schedule, both parents and students can take on the next task feeling re-energized.

Create Long-Term and Short-Term Goals

To make online learning at home more exciting, students should create weekly and end of semester goals and pair them with a reward system. Not only will this make learning exciting for students, but it will also help keep them accountable. Weekly short-term goals consist can of completing necessary tasks while long term goals can be based on grades and developing new skills. Setting up a reward system will give students something to look forward to as those students that are taken out of their physical classroom and school may feel limited.

The Future of Online & Remote Learning

Developing online learning skills early will not only help them with the temporary changes but will guide them throughout their academic endeavors. As students move along through high school and college, online learning will become a pivotal change they experience. Although students may be out of their routine due to negative circumstances, staying on the positive side of things and looking at how children will learn from this experience will help you and your student stay focused on long term academic success.