Tips to Stay Motivated for Online Tutoring

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General vs. Subject-Specific Tutoring
June 17, 2020
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July 16, 2020
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Tips to Stay Motivated for Online Tutoring


Thanks to wonderful advancements in technology, an online tutor (also known as an e-tutor) can support and encourage a positive virtual learning experience. Online tutoring allows students of all age levels to receive support for challenging schoolwork without leaving home. Moreover, 1-on-1 online tutoring lets students focus on content that matters most. While remote tutoring offers convenience, some students may struggle to stay focused because they don’t have face-to-face communication. Here are some helpful tips we’ve gathered that’ll help your student stay motivated during an online tutoring session.

Write It Out: Remote Tutoring with To-Do Lists or Agendas

Outlining daily or weekly agendas when enrolling in 1-on-1 online tutoring will help your student track assignments, grades, and goals more effectively. Students must deal with multiple classes, strict deadlines, and study schedules. Thus, students can develop better organizational skills by creating a to-do list, allowing them to better plan out their weekly or daily goals.

More importantly, utilizing to-do lists and agendas can save students from motivation problems. A lack of motivation may manifest when college-bound students repeat time-sensitive and overwhelming routines. Using a routine that gives students daily and weekly structure for daily homework assignments while granting flexibility during online tutoring sessions will help students stay motivated and complete tasks on the online curriculum quicker.

Celebrate Small Wins to Stay Focused & Engage in Online Tutoring Sessions

It feels great to receive a great grade on an assignment, but some students tend to forget their wins when facing a recent failure. Try keeping a physical log in a journal or folder to collect and record personal or academic accomplishments, such as a high grade on in-class essay or a score increase on a practice exam from online tutoring lessons. This may consist of papers that received high grades or even positive feedback. These achievements can act as a reminder of a time when a student felt proud of his or her achievements.

Also, try recording instances of these achievements. For example, create a separate section in a notebook that’s easily accessible (like the front or the very back of the book). Then, leave a couple of pages blank and write down feedback on the specific assignment once you receive it. According to some psychology development theories, students typically exhibit more motivation through positive reinforcements. When positive reinforcements – like rewards or celebrating small wins – exist in the learning environment, students typically improve grades and test scores over time. This technique can help to lift students’ spirits and motivate your student because they’re reminded of their abilities to achieve their goals.

Can Online Tutoring Help Students Reach Career-Centric Goals?

Several key factors can help motivate students on a personal level, just like how personal gain can help to refocus the importance of the material that is being taught. Even if face-to-face instruction is a student’s preferred method of learning, virtual tutoring is a convenient and accessible tool. In addition to being a valuable skill that will prove handy in a future career, prioritizing tasks will help college-bound students feel more motivated by clarifying their main focus on a daily or weekly basis. Students can also connect and develop a meaningful relationship with their tutors during online sessions. From talking about career goals and aspirations, online tutors can become potential mentors for their students.

Making the Most of Online Tutoring

Due to the proliferation of teleconferencing software – like Zoom – 2020 is the perfect time to enroll in remote and online tutoring. Getting value from an online tutoring session requires discipline, commitment, and planning. These essential traits will help students thrive, regardless of what type of program they use in support of their regular classroom education. Remember: the great learners are the students who invest their time effectively and efficiently. Need help preparing for your next important exam? Subscribe to our blog for more news, tips, and trends relating to all things tutoring and test prep.