Remote Tutoring Tips For Parents During The Coronavirus

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Remote Tutoring Tips For Parents During The Coronavirus

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We don’t realize how much we rely on our local education system until a disaster (like the Coronavirus) strikes. It is a confusing time for all of us, but academics cannot be stopped. It is now up to parents to educate their children from home, but don’t worry because you’re not in this alone. You have endless amounts of resources to use in this tech-savvy world we live in and now is the time to take advantage of that.

Be sure to educate your child on the current situation of the world and why it is important to stay home during this time. Let them know that it’s temporary and make it positive by saying they get to spend the next few weeks at home with their loving family. Flip the situation for your children and find the upside to this scary pandemic. Let Test Prep Score prepare you for these next few months of homeschooling with our beneficial at-home remote tutoring tips.

Make Sure To Ease Into It

This is a difficult transition for anyone to make, let alone children. There comes responsibility as a parent to help children ease into a new routine like this solely from home. Think of it as the Summer season approaching and your child’s teachers sent home some work to do to keep their minds running. The last thing you want your child to feel is stress. Don’t make too many changes at once. Introduce new subjects and tutoring guidelines each day and be sure to put more focus and attention on important concepts.

Start your child’s new routine by waking up early as if they were getting ready for a normal school day. Bring back fun songs and lessons that they previously did during class time. Although it’s important to let your children enjoy their minivacation, it’s more important to gradually get into a new long-term routine. This sets the stage for the next coming months so it must be done correctly.

Find The Right Setting For Online Learning

Once your child understands they have a new daily routine, it’s time to decide on the best spot to set up. The environment where you child learns is crucial to their education, especially at a young age. They are susceptible to distractions and losing focus in a matter of seconds and transitioning from the classroom to home could be the biggest distraction of them all. Pick a room in your home that you feel is distraction-free. Avoid choosing a room with televisions and large windows as those just cause more disturbance. The dining room or kitchen may be a good start. Choose the same room each time because children need consistency when being educated, that’s why they have assigned seats in classrooms.

Make sure you and your child have easy access to tutoring supplies and books. Even leaving the room to grab a pencil is a distraction for a child so make sure you’re always prepared! Let your child help set up. It will make them more comfortable feeling like they have a space of their own.

Connect With Fellow Parents And Teachers From Home

You’re not alone. Every other parent on the planet is dealing with the same situation right now. Why not connect with them? Share your at-home tutoring curriculums that have been working for your child and take new concepts from other parents and make them your own. You still have your child’s teacher too! Connect with them through email and ask for advice or some educational activities to start off with. Teachers have one of the most important jobs as educators and just because school has been postponed, doesn’t mean that they aren’t still there to help. Utilize your resources!

Come Up With A Tutoring Game Plan

No one can become a professional educator overnight, especially busy parents. However, any parent can come up with an instructional plan for their child. You know your child and their particular learning style from helping with weekly homework, but it’s time to take a bigger step. Sit down and create academic goals, find out which subjects are most difficult for them, and find engaging online lessons to work on.

Following a set curriculum and making a routine out of it is the most important aspect of remote tutoring. As a parent, you are now responsible for your child’s education journey for the rest of the school year and although it may not be perfect, putting in the effort will make the biggest difference.

Share Feedback & Rewards With Your Children

Children adore attention and praise inside and outside of the classroom. It is extremely important to let them know how well they are doing throughout the entire tutoring lesson. It is encouraging and makes them want to go even further into the exercise. Do your best at avoiding generic phrases during praise. Be specific with your feedback and tell them how a specific task they completed was great. Reward your children for their hard work by making their favorite meal for dinner or perhaps a yummy treat. The combination of encouraging words and physical rewards is more meaningful to them than you think.

Make Remote Tutoring Fun For Your Child

Everyone is stuck at home during this COVID-19 pandemic, make an adventure out of your child’s learning! Don’t stick so closely to the books. Add fun tutoring lessons and new techniques that they’ve never seen before. Incorporate objects and people from home in word problems to make the work seem less tedious. Have a study session in the backyard if they are really impressing you with their hard work. Your child will soon start to associate school with fun and will be excited to learn new subjects each day.

There is inspiration everywhere, especially the internet. Utilize technology and locate educational videos and fun strategies to keep children engaged in all subjects of school. Start preparing your child for remote tutoring today with Test Prep Score and allow us to give you the head start you need during this trying time.