General vs. Subject-Specific Tutoring

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General vs. Subject-Specific Tutoring

General vs Subject-Specific Tutoring

It’s difficult enough finding the right tutor for your child, but it’s even more difficult when you’re unsure of which type of tutor to hire. Tutoring allows students from all backgrounds to better their skills in all subjects, but not all students need comprehensive help in each subject. All students are different when it comes to learning styles, time management, and test-taking skills.

No matter what your child needs assistance with, there is always room for improvement. Whether your student needs tutoring in all subjects or just in one, Test Prep Score can help. Allow us to highlight the pros and cons of general vs. subject-specific tutoring so you can easily decide which is best for your child.

General Tutoring For Your Child

General tutoring is known as a private or small-group session with an instructor who is familiar with multiple subjects. The tutor usually will focus on subjects that a student needs the most help in, but they are capable of educating them in other subjects. Whatever your child’s academic needs are, a general tutor can handle it. Multi-subject tutors are more efficient for students who need it. Instead of hiring multiple tutors who are experts in one subject, a general tutor can cover all subjects.

While it’s much easier to create a schedule with a multi-subject tutor, your child will also feel more comfortable in the fact that they have only one instructor. School is stressful enough and adding multiple educators on top of that, your child is bound to feel overwhelmed. Open more opportunities for learning for your child with a general tutor.

Subject-Specific Tutoring For Students

Let’s say your child feels comfortable in most subjects in school, but there is that one class that they seem to have some trouble in. There is nothing to worry about because there are tutors who are experts in just one specific subject. While general tutors are great for assistance in multiple subjects, a single-subject tutor will be able to contribute expertise input and content for your child. This creates more time to focus on one troubling course rather than giving unnecessary attention to other subjects.

There is a more clarified work session when a student gets the chance to focus on one subject at a time. They will gain a deeper concept of the subject with superior expertise from the instructor at a lower cost. In comparison to a multi-subject tutor, the price difference is significant. Don’t pay for what your child doesn’t need!

Looking From The Tutor’s Point Of View

Are you a tutor trying to decide which tutoring option will suit your skills best? It’s not a bad idea to be educated on more than one subject because off the bat, this will give you more job opportunities. Gain more hours and a larger clientele as a general tutor. However, if you’ve always excelled in a certain subject during school, it may be a good idea to take the subject-specific route as a tutor. Many young students struggle with just one course.

Whether it’s English, French, or Science, there is plenty of room for your single-subject expertise. Try out both ends of the spectrum and find what works best for you as a future educator.

Which Tutoring Option Is Best For My Child?

Take a moment to truly understand your child’s needs when it comes to academics. Whether your child is in elementary, middle, or high school, there is always space for some extra help. General tutoring allows students to gain assistance in all subjects while a subject-specific tutor will provide higher-ranking content with specialized sessions.

Whichever option you choose for your child, make sure that the proper actions are taken. Meet face-to-face with the instructor, sit down and discuss curriculums, and set goals so your child can feel encouraged to keep pushing forward. Do you need more help in making a final decision? Give Test Prep Score a call and allow us to further enlighten you on your tutoring options.