The 7 Best Things About Attending College

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The 7 Best Things About Attending College

Pursuing a college education is a weighty decision most high schoolers will make as they consider their futures. The choice to continue your education as an undergraduate will yield many exciting opportunities; everything from making new friends to exploring new parts of the world.

Transitioning from high school to college is an enormous feat that ultimately unlocks bountiful rewards. In this list, we will look at the seven best things to experience in college. You don’t want to miss out on any helpful information, so make sure to read until the last one!

1) Growing Independence

Attending college will inadvertently make you more independent. Living away from your parents and peers back home means you get a rare chance for a new start. In other words, you can create yourself from the ground up. Whether following a strict schedule or finishing homework, college life will teach you to manage your time more efficiently. As a result, you will grow into a functioning adult with real-world skills. Similarly, you will become financially responsible, a must-have trait at any stage in your life.

2) Forge Meaningful Relationships

The friendships you cultivate in college can last a lifetime. Roommates, classmates, professors – making good friends and connections in college is a big part of the appeal. More importantly, college exposes you to new cultures, perspectives, and ideas. The students in your field will also grow into the future thought leaders of that industry, so make sure to network and collaborate along the way.

3) Educational Opportunities

Going to college can give you opportunities otherwise unavailable to people without a degree. You get access to mentors, potential future employers, job market fairs, and many other benefits. These days, it is almost imperative to have a degree of some kind. The competition for jobs is stronger than ever before.

But the experiences you get at college – such as field trips, the different types of internships, and classes you can take – will help place you ahead of the curve. As well as educational opportunities, attending college can also expand your earning potential. Just look at this statistic from the Social Security Administration, which claims that men earn up to $900,000 more in median lifetime earnings than those with a high school diploma.

4) Travel to Unfamiliar Places

Enrolling in college means it’s time to leave the safety of your parents’ nest. Some students may relocate across the country, while others take this opportunity to travel halfway across the world. But the world is full of culturally diverse landscapes, cities, and people. Wherever you decide to go to college, you will end up encountering interesting destinations with many different things to enjoy.

5) Become a Contributing Member of Society

A good education can fundamentally change your behavior and outlook on life. For instance, a college education can improve your empathy and consideration of others, lead to a lifelong love of learning, help you contextualize history, and make you a well-functioning member of society.

6) Having Fun

The college experience goes so much further than classroom lectures. Sure, a large part of college is about learning. But that’s not all there is to it. Life can give you a learning experience that transcends the classroom. You also should set aside enough time to discover new passions. Everything from study parties, clubs, sports activities, and gatherings – college is the perfect place to make memories that will last a lifetime.

7) Transform into a Lifelong Learner

From larger state schools to Ivy League institutions, going to college will help you utilize your critical thinking skills and hone your cognitive abilities. Receiving quality education can unlock new ways of thinking about everyday issues. During your undergraduate studies, you can register for a variety of courses that will help broaden your mind as well as challenge your thoughts. From conversations with fellow peers and professors to in-depth classwork, there are many opportunities to learn more.

Pursuing Higher Education

Ultimately, college is about freedom. But you cannot forget that success is contingent on your work ethic, drive, and ambition. You have the freedom to explore who you are and what you want to become. More importantly, your time at college will give you the independence you craved for years in high school.

Pursuing education as an undergraduate is an important part of one’s life. For many students, it is a time for self-discovery. Are you a high school student thinking about enrolling in college? Wondering which direction to go in? Visit our test prep blog for more tips and information on advancing your post-high school education.