What Factors Make a Good College?

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What Factors Make a Good College?

Throughout high school, students go through the stressful process of getting ready for college. College applications are long, with lots of essays and paperwork, so applying to every school is not possible. You need to pick the best colleges for you. There are so many reasons why a person could pick a certain college, but this list will help you see some of the main factors that students should think about when coming to make this difficult decision.


Picking the right college is important but making sure it has the major you want is imperative. A lot of colleges have very similar majors, so making sure you are getting what you need from your education is crucial. Each major will have a list of the classes you will be taking over the years, make sure to look over this so you will know and understand the types of classes offered in each degree program. Each class will have a description of what it will entail and will give you an understanding of what you will get out of the classes from that major.

In addition to the classes and their content, looking into who is teaching the classes is important. These professors have a wide range of knowledge, and some have worked in their respective industries for years. These professors with practical knowledge can help teach you more than just in the classroom. Looking them up on LinkedIn to see how you can learn from them can add to knowing which school to pick.

Study Abroad

College is an exciting time to experiment and explore. One effective way to do that is by going to a school that has options for studying abroad. When you look at different program options for studying abroad, see if there are programs that go with your major or something that interests you. Research typical locations the programs take place in. The length of the programs is also important to note. Are the programs a year, a semester, or during a break? The opportunities in college, in addition to the program major, can help decide on the institution you wish to attend.

Career Services

The whole reason people go to college is to get a higher education and then ultimately get a job. Therefore, having a good support system within the career services in the school is important. Learning about what career services do throughout your time at college and what they can do for you after college is key in your decision.

Moreover, learn about the alumni network and how this can help during and after school. Make sure to look up the percentage of graduates in your program that get jobs after college and ask questions if the number is not as high as you think it should be.

On-Campus Facilities

Academics and getting a job after school are the main reasons you are going to college, but there is still plenty of time. There are a lot of other factors that go into picking a school. Looking at residence halls and the on-campus activities that go along with where you are living can help you understand what the social life would be like at that college. Even if you are commuting to school, there is still a lot to discover on campus. Are there clubs and activities that you would be interested in taking part in? Are there sports clubs and gym facilities that interest you?

What other extracurricular activities are available that will allow you to meet people and spend time with your new classmates? Finding a school with on\-campus activities is a key factor in your decision.

Discover Your Dream College Today!

There are so many factors in deciding on a college to attend. Not every college may have exactly what you are looking for in each category. Using this list will help to understand some of the key factors in making your decision. Ask current and past students about their time at the colleges you want to go to so you can understand what helped them make their decision to go there. At Test Prep Score, we can help you get ready for college and find the best fit for you.